Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Joke

Secret of sweetness Methaaj jo G^ujhu

A person said to his friend,' Credit to you । Even after 1O years of marriage , you are speaking so sweetly to your wife on the telephone.'

Hikr^e maan~hooa pa'nhi'nje d~ost~a khe chayo ,'Shabass ath~aee jo d^ahan saalan je shaad~eea khaa'n bi poi pa'nhi'njee joi saa'n hair^o mitho telephone t~e vetho g^aalhaaee'n?'

The friend replied , 'But that is not my wife।, It is yours .'

D~ost~a javaab d^inus,' Heea mu'nhi'njee joi konhe par t~u'nhi'njee,".'

chandiramani gl

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